Hello Brooklyn Support Marketing Campaign

After a 55-year wait, professional sports finally returned to the borough of Brooklyn in a big way, with the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets. Visual Comforts and producerNY were assigned with the task of creating a grass-roots marketing campaign that would support the overall Hello Brooklyn campaign and the Nets highly anticipated rebranding that included the unveiling of the team’s new name, logo, and colors. Our challenge was to develop viral and street-level collateral that would speak to the humble, inviting and genuine tone of the team’s Brooklyn-centric message and the execution that follows is how we made that happen.

Anthem Spot – Hello Brooklyn

The Hello Brooklyn Anthem Video is the centerpiece of our grassroots marketing campaign and lived as a standalone showpiece on, welcoming anyone visiting the team’s new website on the day of its launch. Brooklyn is as much a character in this story as are the Nets. It is the heart of New York and the soul of the new brand. This video is driven as a journey through time, the story of Brooklyn and the Nets and their unified destiny. Authentic in tone, unpretentious in its approach, and with a little Brooklyn attitude to get across its message, the video achieved its goal as the perfect introduction to the franchise’s new legacy.


Eye-popping animations featuring the words “Hello Brooklyn” in several languages and the Nets classic shield were created and then projected onto building surfaces throughout the borough to achieve thousands of impressions. A call to action at the end of the projections disclosed a Brooklyn-only sale of season tickets, defining the moment as an exclusive event. Two animations were created, one that seeded the logo and colors of the team for a three-day period and a final reveal animation that included the team’s new identity on the day of the launch. These projections were a viral hit, captured and shared on cell phones throughout New York and beyond.


100 local stores were selected to display these cool vinyl window clings that featured the Nets new logo and clever supporting copy from the main campaign. From retro record stores to the trendiest restaurants, these clings delivered on the Nets’ goal to truly become part of the neighborhood.


To celebrate the long awaited return of a professional Brooklyn sports team and to reward new and old Brooklyn fans alike, a beautiful 28-page limited edition book and sticker insert was conceived of and produced. Handed out in strategic areas throughout the borough by welcoming Nets branded street teams, the books were an instant hit and are now considered to be a collector’s item.


After a successful launch of the Brooklyn Nets identity and brand, Visual Comforts and producerNY were called upon once again to consult and develop the Nets’ Year 2 Marketing and Brand initiatives. We partnered closely with the Marketing team to create targeted promotions, social media campaigns, player videos, sponsorship tie-ins, and the centerpiece of the year 2 messaging – The Hello Brooklyn. Are You Ready?


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