UF Proton Therapy


Agency: Shepherd
Client: UF Health Proton Therapy Institute
Title: Cracking Glass (UF Proton Therapy TV)
Duration: 30 Seconds

Production: Visual Comforts
Director: Michael Wiehart
DP: Matt Workman

In this dramatic and visceral spot we show that Proton Therapy does not destroy the healthy tissue surrounding the cancer, but instead is targeting the affected cells in a very precise way.

The idea behind this is to explain the abstract and hard to comprehend proton treatment and ground it in the real physical world and hopefully taking the edge off a very stressful and tense moment in someones life.

The Making of


This is the making of and case study for the UF Proton Therapy “Cracking Glass” commercial.

We produced multiple treatments, including storyboards, style frames and did research for various creatives, this helped the client to further home in their messaging. A 3D pre-visualization enabled us to minutely plan the shoot and made it easier for client to visualize what the finished commercial would look like.

Making of music track by Ali Hashemi / ahtracks.com