A musical travelogue through an atmospheric world in black white and red.

Blending live action and high-speed liquids shots with 3D animation, we journey through this other-worldly environment, exploring the lyrical power of attraction and repulsion. This abstract narrative was inspired by the experiments done with the particle collider at C.E.R.N. , where scientists are chasing after the elusive antimatter, seeking to redefine our understanding of physics and the universe.

This film transports this subatomic world into a tangible experience. Any scientific accuracy is purely unintended – This film is solely for your viewing pleasure!

RELEASE_FINAL_1080p 01602
RELEASE_FINAL_1080p 00444
RELEASE_FINAL_1080p 02492


Written, directed, animated and produced by: Michael Wiehart
Production: Visual Comforts
DP: Eric Robbins / Adrian Mueller
Music and sound design: Ali Hashemi
Talent: Wei Mei Wong

RELEASE_FINAL_1080p 03333
RELEASE_FINAL_1080p 01878
RELEASE_FINAL_1080p 02066


It was shot with the Red Epic and Phantom Flex.
Modeled and animated in Cinema 4D, rendered with Vray and composited in After Effects.

Mixing different footage types and animation techniques into a single space to create a kinetic and seamless look.


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